Managed IT Services Pricing

Clear and fully transparency pricing. Are you getting invoices that remind you of the old telephone bills we used to get from the teleco's many years ago? You don't have to put up with that any longer! Get with Dataecon and get SIMPLIFIED BILLING. Stop wasting your time with itemized invoicing that don't make any sense and are hard to prove whether or not the work has been done.

Customize Your Managed IT Service Plan

Customize Your Plan

We know how frustrating it can be to ask a service provider for a ballpark figure for IT support, only to be met with a reply like "it depends." This IT Cost Calculator can help demystify the needed investment for our IT services. Simply enter a few core details about your organizational requirements, and it will provide a reliable ballpark estimate for your review. We also customize any plan as needed. If you have a hybrid environment, we can work with you on pricing to fit your budget.

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Transparency is the key to Managed IT Services

It is important for both parties to have a clear understanding of the costs involved and what services are included in the pricing. This helps to avoid any misunderstandings or disputes down the line. Additionally, transparency in pricing helps to build trust and confidence between the client and the managed IT services provider. It is always a good idea to ask for a detailed breakdown of the pricing structure and to discuss any potential additional costs or fees upfront. This way, both parties can be on the same page and work together towards a successful partnership.

Managed IT Service Plans



Per User Per Month

Full Service Helpdesk

24X7 Monitoring

Emergency Response

Unlimited On-site Support

Unlimited Remote Support

Asset Inventory Monitoring

OS patching Schedule

Vendor Management

Client Success Program

Quarterly Assessments


Strategic Planning Budgeting

Managed Networking

Server Management

Switches and Routers

Firewalls and VPN's

Managed Office

24X7 Network Operations

Infrastructure Monitoring

Documentation BDR Planning

Managed Security

Endpoint Security all devices

Managed Users

User Add/Move and changes

User Email OnPrem/Cloud

Cyber Security

Multi-Factor Auth MFA

Email Anti-Spoofing

Email Gateway & DNS Security

Managed Cloud

* Office 365 and M 365 Client managing the tenant(s)

Spam Filtering

Tenant Backup

Data Loss Prevention


Backups Disaster Recovery

Offsite Cloud Backups

Onsite Server Virtualization

BDR Testing Verification

Offsite Workstation Backups

Secure Plus


Per User Per Month

Everything in Secure Plan
Additional Patching

Third Party Patching

Managed Security +

24X7 Security Operations

Threat Intelligence

Threat Hunting

Intrusion Detection

Incident Response

Cyber Security +

Dark Web Monitoring

End-Point Detection & Response

Phising Simulations

Security Awareness Training

Vulnerability Scanning

Managed Detection & Response



Per User Per Month

Everything in Secure + Plan
Managed Business Continuity

Dedicated Security Engineer

Dedicated Alignment Engineer

Dedicated Technology Engineer

Managed Security

Cyber Security Readiness

Cyber Security Insurance Prep

Managed BDR

Disaster Recovery Planning

BDR Run Book

* Client responsible for all Microsoft contracts, invoicing and paying for the tenant. These services are not included.

Features & Plans Comparison
Secure Plus

Full Service Helpdesk

Cyber Security

Managed Security

Managed BDR

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